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We can help doctors attract new customers in an efficient way.
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who is Dr.Clobo ?  

Dr.Clobo's Value 

Hello, we're Dr. Clobo's team.

We are a team where individual health has a great influence on family and society and creates the value of connection for a healthy culture.

What we're trying to do is create a connection between Doctors and consumers so that they get the right treatment at the right time.

What should you use Dr.Clobo?

Attract New Patients

We can communicate with new patients and build long-term relationships.

More Accurate care

The consultation can be conducted while checking the affected area in person, allowing  more accurate consultation.

Improve reliability

Helps build close trust with existing or new patients. Deeply empathize with the patient

Persnoal Branding

Medical content is automatically created when consulting. And you can let a lot of people know.

Do you happen to know?

Consumers are afraid to visit hospitals because of small pieces of uncertain information. Consumers want a communication space to talk to doctors, and even a tiny consultation can increase reliability and increase hospital visits.


Try lowering the entry barrier for hospital visits with Dr. Clobo

01. Meet Patients

Patients choose the doctor they want to talk to and ask questions.

How it works?

Meet new customers
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