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Dr. Clobo has established self-health care and advising platform

Dr. Clobo is a smart, innovative solution to dental and ent needs, and it is going to be a game-changer because it is available at the comfort of your home.

It is a wifi-connected camera that takes high-resolution images of all dental, ent structures including your nose, scalp, throat, and ears, and sends them onto a portal through the app which automatically connects you to a specialist within 24 hours to cater to your needs.

With technology that is going to give consultation a new name, it will be the answer to many problems associated with healthcare and patient anxiety.

Patients tend to have a lot of dental anxiety at times because of which they keep avoiding the dentist.

Telemedicine is modern and apt to be a great solution to that problem.

A lot of dental diseases can be fixed at the prevention stage but the delay to the dentist keeps progressing the problem, making it more complex.

Dental caries detection early in patients often goes unnoticed unless it starts causing pain and discomfort and by that time it has progressed into a bigger dental problem.

More hefty amounts of money are then required to treat that.

At a point when pits and fissure sealants or a simple restoration could have done the job, patients now have to get root canal treatments and crowns to counter the same problem.

This imaging diagnosis module will be key for those avoiding that initial visit with the dentist, as this will be done in a relaxed environment in the comfort of their homes.

A reflector that is integrated into the smart camera will help take more detailed dental images of teeth or structures more posteriorly placed which can now be magnified with the inbuilt camera technology allowing it to work the same way as a dental magnifier just with a single click.

Dental consultation can be expensive but with a technology that is so convenient and user-friendly, you won’t have to worry about the additional consultation cost either.

A treatment plan will be put forth to see how your needs coincide with your wants. This will greatly improve patient-doctor communication and provide them with a better understanding of their needs.

Prevention is always better than treatment and this is the perfect way to get insight into problems that might be causing you a little distress but also uncertainty as to whether it needs a proper medical consultation or treatment.

With the pandemic going on still, there’s additional hospital anxiety amongst people and healthcare providers alike where unnecessary visits to the hospital should be avoided and telehealth is proving to be the answer and the future of a large part of healthcare. This is a technology that provides the perfect home healthcare platform which is aided by licensed dentists and healthcare professionals.

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