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Together, Healthy Life

We can help doctors attract new customers in an efficient way.
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It's a great tool for making new relationships with customers.

"Beyond the practical benefits of better-connecting patients and providers"


Dr. Pete Garnier / Dermatologist

"This device will greatly improve patient-doctor communication and provide patients with a better understanding of their needs."


Dr. John Karimov / Dentist

"Dr. Clobo is a smart, innovative solution to dental and ENT needs, and it is going to be a game changer because it is available in the comfort of your home."


Dr. Peter Wang / Dentist

Is it difficult to meet new patients?
We help you build stronger customer relationships.

Find new customers with Dr.Clobo

We support you to meet new customers.

With our app, meet customers who are reluctant to visit the hospital remotely. And we will help you build a strong relationship. Last but not least, we help you build closer relationships with your existing customers.

New Patients

Consultation System


Social Contribution to Healthcare

Our team is not focusing only on selling healthcare products. We are committed to a better healthcare culture to become a healthier society. You can join us remotely if you want to participate in the current Indonesian Healthcare Village project.

Healthcare Camera 

Our affordable healthcare camera enables more accurate remote consultation. With our camera, you can look at your teeth, skin, ears, and nose that are hard to view. It makes screening and monitoring easier. In addition, it is easy to carry around so that you can check the condition anywhere, and it is a cost-effective camera with a high resolution. 

Oral Care




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