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Better Health Through Community

We are looking for dentists, otolaryngologists, and dermatologists in the US.

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Dr. Clobo is a telehealth app that syncs with the Dr. Clobo healthcare camera. Patients conduct self-exams with the camera at home, and send those images to their doctor on the Dr. Clobo app for consultation.  If you are a dentist, otolaryngologist, or dermatologist looking to expand your practice into telemedicine, come join the Dr. Clobo community today!

Healthcare Camera and telehealth Platform 

We Provide the Best Telehealth Solution


Attract New Patients

Communicate with new patients and build long-term relationships.

Remote Consultation System

Conveniently consult your patients, anytime, anywhere.

Stronger Doctor/Patient Relationships

Helps build trust with new and existing patients by increasing medical access and creating direct lines of communication.

Screening and Monitoring

Monitor patients remotely is easier than ever with the Dr. Clobo camera.

Dr.Clobo Healthcare Solution

Most people have a hard time preventing tooth and gum disease because they can’t check their teeth properly. The Dr.Clobo camera makes it easy for anyone to get a good look at their teeth and gums, from any angle, to make sure you aren’t missing any spots when brushing and are performing proper preventive care.


A lot of conditions are preventable, but delaying treatment can make matters worse. Preventative healthcare requires systematic and consistent management, but visiting the hospital or doctor's office isn't always convenient. Likewise. it isn't easy to know when you should seek treatment without a doctor's opinion.


With advances in mobile technology, people can now see a doctor without going to the hospital.  By making remote monitoring more convenient than ever, telemedicine also allows doctors to place new emphasis on preventive care and on post-treatment remote patient monitoring to ensure patient's have the best health outcomes possible.


You can support the health and well being of users by joining the Dr. Clobo community and serving patients in your region!

Using a smartphone to check your teeth, ears and nose can be difficult. That's why we've paired our telehealth service with a with a powerful HD camera that easily syncs with smartphones, turning them into handheld video monitors. Using the Dr. Clobo camera, patients can easily administer a self-exam at home.

In addition to one-time consultations, we provide a community platform to exchange healthcare information and healthcare coaching services so that doctors and patients can communicate regularly.

Join us and create a new healthcare culture!

 The Dr. Clobo Camera comes with two camera heads (an intraoral camera and an otoscope) for teledentistry and ENT medicine, improving the accuracy of telemedicine consults.


Download the app now!

We are looking for doctors to support their regions. communities. Join us in providing patients with a more comprehensive level of care. Download the app today! 

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